Forward Thinking

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    “I drive an EV to reduce my environmental footprint. I feel like we only have one planet to live on and it’s our duty and obligation to leave it in better shape for the next generation.”

    - R.J., Ocean Beach, CA

    “Before I got my EV I thought the thing I would like the most was the cost savings from avoiding gas. Now that I have an EV, I like so many things about it! It’s not just cost efficient and good for the environment, but my BMW i3 is really fun to drive. It accelerates quickly and I love that the engine is so quiet. I also appreciate that I can drive in the carpool lanes, which makes my commute much easier.”

    - Erica, South Park

    “What do I like about driving an EV? It is quiet, powerful, less polluting, I can fuel in my own garage, and road trips!”

    - Randy, Tierrasanta, CA