Knock knock knockin’ on Tesla’s door.

Big Announcement Today: Look out Tesla, GM has some pretty exciting news about its soon to be released, Chevy Bolt. Initially, GM teased us with a respectable range of 200 miles per charge for this all-new electric-vehicle. However, as they put in their own marketing materials…

“…we didn’t just deliver, we over-delivered.”

The EPA just released their estimated range for the Bolt on September 13th and it comes in at a very respectable 238 miles per charge. And yep, that is more than the upcoming Tesla 3 – a car that has already gathered over 400,000 orders.

The price for the Chevy Bolt, after tax rebates, will hover somewhere around $30,000.

Whether you are a Tesla fan or Chevy fan or are simply just trying to make up your mind, the good news is that affordable electric vehicles with outstanding range are here. It’s amazing what a little friendly competition can do. We say, bring it on.