Charging while on the go.

It’s great to take advantage of public charging stations. These are the chargers you see in the Whole Foods parking lot, for example. And of course, you can always just plug your car into a standard 120-volt electric outlet.

Here’s a simple breakdown of how much charge you can expect from charging on the go.

  • 120-volt outlets provide approximately 5 miles travel per hour of charging – ideal for charging at work or at home during nighttime.
  • 240-volt public charging stations provide approximately 10-20 miles per hour of charging. Right now there are 1,092 of these stations at 392 locations across the San Diego region.
  • 480-volt DC fast-charging stations 40-50 miles per 15 minutes of charging. Note: not all cars are compatible and these stations are few and far between (so far). There are currently 75 of these stations at 40 locations across the San Diego region.

Charger Locations: There are several online tools, such as PlugShare, to help you find faster 240-volt public charging stations. Also, many EVs these days have built-in apps to help you find charging on the go.