We believe in the power of electric vehicles to make San Diego a better place to live.

Welcome to EVer Forward.

EVer Forward exists because we believe in a better, cleaner future for San Diego – powered by the electric car. We don’t sell cars and we are not aligned with any car companies. We are simply here to inform, educate and motivate. Nothing more. Without a doubt, electric cars are starting to become the norm. And they are getting better every single day. Lean on us to provide some clarity on the subject. EVer Forward is where we are going. Are you?

Imagine a future where electric cars are simply known as… cars.

It’s a lot closer than you think. In fact, our Governor has set a goal of having 1.5 million electric vehicles on the road by 2020. And we’re not talking about the Prius or other hybrid-esque cars. We’re talking about pure, zero-emissions, all-electric vehicles. The kind of vehicles destined to make San Diego, Califorinia and the world, a better place to live. And breathe.

Who We Are.

EVer Forward is managed by Cleantech San Diego as part of our Smart Cities San Diego initiative.

Thank you for helping drive San Diego to a better tomorrow.